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The chickens are fed a non-GMO diet. Their feed consists of corn and soybeans- a balance of carbohydrates and protein. There is a powdered probiotic added to the feed that promotes digestive health, which in turn maintains the chickens' overall health (much like with humans).The probiotic is not absorbed into the meat and is approved by the USDA. The chickens are not organic as the organic label is more necessary for processed poultry you would find in a supermarket where consumers have no other way to determine the health and condition of the product. 

(In my experience, if people could see the condition of the majority of organic chickens compared to the chickens we raise simply on a healthy diet, adequate floor space, proper sanitation practices, and climate control, they wouldn't care so much about organic). The poultry is all-natural- no chemicals, hormones. If a flock becomes sick, we treat them with medicine and allow a withdrawal period before sale so there is no medicine in the meat. All flocks are tested for disease for they can leave the barn.