• Kill, Dress, & Cut: We are custom live poultry market; you select your poultry, (Hard chicken/Fowl selection is excluded) we kill, dress, and cut your poultry according to your specification.
  • Skin Out (Taking Skin off Poultry): Our facility offers customers the choice to take off their poultry skins, (for selected products only - we don’t take skins out for some poultry) for those interested in eating their poultry without the skin, please ask for details and type of poultry included for this service
  • Halal: Halal Customers are welcomed to cut their poultry by themselves (customers must return to the sitting area after cutting – our rules does not permit customers in the processing area, no one is excluded), or request our staff to cut Halal on their behalf. Please indicate your preference before poultry selection. We offer Aprons and gloves for Halal self cutting customer’s convenience.
  • Delivery Services: We offer delivery services within close proximity to our location, our delivery prices varies between $7.00 to $40.00 depending on circumstances, distance, and other factors at the time of customers’ request. Final delivery prices are our sole discretion, we reserve the right to change prices and refuse delivery to certain areas are based on business decision solely.



  • BMC-Baby Male Cockerel (Boys)
  • BWB-Baby White Broiler (Girls)
  • GCK-Gray Cockerel (Boys)
  • GP-Gray Pullets (Girls)
  • HF-Hard (Chickens) Fowl (girls)
  • HFL – Heavy Fowls (Girls)
  • LMC – Large Male Cockerel (Boys)
  • MMC – Medium Male Cockerel (Boys)
  • RCK – Red Cockerel (Boys)
  • RCW – Roasting White Chicken (Girls)
  • RP – Red Pullets
  • SR – Stag Rooster
  • WB – White Broiler
  • WMC –White Male Cockerel


  • LID – Long Island Duck (Boys)
  • MDD – Muscovey Drake Ducks (Boys)
  • MD – Mule Ducks (Boys)
  • MHD – Muscovey Hen Ducks (Boys)
  • WD - Water Ducks (Girls)

GUINEA FOWLS: (Guinea Hen)

  • GH – Guinea Fowl (Guinea Hen)




  • TLG
  • TMD
  • TSM