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HC Live Poultry  Product  Prices

Chicken Name/Description Sign Average  lbs/Chicken Price/lb              
Baby Gray Cockerel (Boys) BGCK 3.75 lbs $2.75              
Baby Male Cockerel (Boys) BMC 3 lbs $2.75              
Baby White Broiler (Girls) BWB 3 lbs $2.10              
Gray Cockerel (Boys) GCK 6 lbs $2.75              
Guinea Hen GH 4 lbs $3.65              
Gray Pullet (Girls) GP 5.5 lbs $2.75              
Hard Fowl/Chicken (Girls)  HF 4 lbs $6/pc              
Heafy Fowl (Girls) HFL 8 lbs $1.25              
Large Male Cockerel (Boys) LMC 7 lbs  $2.75              
Muscovey Hen Duck (Boys) Duck 7lbs $2.75              
Medium Male Cockerel (Boys) MMC 5.5 lbs $2.75              
Pigeons PGN 1.5 lbs $12/Pc              
Quail QL 1 lb $4/Pc              
Roasting Chicken White (Girls) RCW 8 lbs $2.10              
Red Pullet (Girls) RP 5.5 lbs $2.73              
Turkey Medium TMD 19 lbs $2.25              
White Broliers (Girls) WB 5.5 lbs $2.10              
Water Ducks (Girls) WD 2.7 lbs $12/Pc              
Prices are for informational purposes only, prices may change  anytime