About HC Live (Fresh) Poultry

Healthy Choice Tru-Mile LLC (HCTM LLC) is the parent company for HC Live (Fresh) Poultry established in 2011.
Our proprietor saw the need for live poultry within the Trenton environs; most customers who love the taste of fresh poultry living around Trenton, NJ, will have to drive far to buy their fresh live poultry, and sometimes driving in heavy traffic, or/and paying for tolls simply for the taste of fresh poultry.

It was a difficult journey from the conception and start of the business until present because of the regulations and restrictions by the state and municipal government.

We are committed to selling to our customers the best, fresh, tasty, non-GMO, non-hormonal free-range poultry, combined with excellent customer services that are second to none. Our employees and staff are courteous and respectful.

We operate within the limit of our scope as permitted by the State, County, and Municipal laws & and guidelines and under the very best hygienic conditions.

We do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful behaviors to our employees and staff.
We will refuse services to such a patron and walk them out of our premises.

Fresh poultry has cultural, religious, economic, and health importance to the majority of our customers.

Most immigrants and southerners from the United States are accustomed to picking their poultry from their backyard and eating them fresh. This was the normal way of eating poultry for many generations for most people in these categories. We provide them with poultry they are accustomed to and make them happy.

Most Muslims/Kosher want to kill their poultry in Halal way as required by their religion tenets, and we offer Halal/Kosher services (please note that we are not solely Halal/Kosher store).
Customers are welcome to do Halal/Kosher cutting if they desire to do so.

It is cheaper if compared to the price of chicken that are fed with hormones and GMO’s (read our breeding information) because our prices are very reasonable and most times the cheapest in NJ.

Our customers are assured that they are buying poultry without artificial inseminations. Comparatively, fat poultry with inseminations or hormone-grown is more expensive than our poultry because our poultry weights actually consist of real meat.

Live fresh poultry can be healthier than frozen store poultry. Customers are assured that our poultry is bread and raised with corn and protein for growth, resulting in tender but firm meat. Customer can see their chicken is dressed without any infusion of liquid products to enlarge their meat body, which may be harmful to consumers (please read our breeding information as supplied by our poultry merchants).

As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”, our poultry is a little more expensive as compared to frozen stores’ poultries; but we sell the best fresh poultry, cleaned and dressed under the most hygienic conditions using only water to rinse to maintain the
fresh taste.